Civil engineering

Work in the mining sector, landfills and mass excavation in general.

Mining sector:

  • Mine decontamination and closure
  • Recovery of mining waste
  • Mining support

Technical Landfill Sites (LET) sector:

  • Excavation of landfill cells
  • Installation of watertight membranes
  • Pumping and treatment of leachate
  • Covering of landfill cells
  • Gas capture and collection network
  • Construction of service roads
  • Optimization of the use of excavated materials

General excavation:

  • Mass excavation in all conditions (commercial, industrial, recreational, etc.).

Snow dump management

Management of private and public waste snow dumps in Mauricie and the Greater Montreal Region.

  • Reception of waste snow at disposal sites and on-site traffic management
  • Snow handling (bulldozer or blower) to manage volumes and build snow mountains
  • Maintenance of sites during winter and the off-season
  • Improvement of sites and operations in order to optimize each site’s capacity in relation to the severity of Quebec winters.
  • Monitoring and maintaining safety with best practices in snow management in Quebec.

Wastepaper transportation

Industrial waste management

Papermill waste

The management of papermill waste includes receipt of waste at the plant, its on-site management until loading, as well as transport to landfills as designated by the client.

Industrial waste

Receiving waste from industrial process includes handling the boxes used to receive waste from the manufacturing and extraction process until the contents of these are available at the customer’s site, in an accumulation zone.

Handling of waste

Handling of waste in order to load our transporters as they remove waste from the site. Transportation and unloading at designated disposal and landfill sites.

Quantity management and process optimization in order to reduce waste costs.

Landfill management support

An experienced team providing support and assistance to maximize operational performance.

  • Technical and engineering support for the development and operation of technical landfills (LET and others).
  • Project management support for the establishment and/or expansion of LET and other sites
  • Technical and engineering support for projects
  • Support for clients and consultants to identify the most economical solutions that meet their needs, both in terms of construction expertise and operations.